Saturday, December 17, 2011

All in the Family by Brian Warner

He hoped the tape recorder would still work. It was one of those small portable ones often used in schools or libraries. 

Teddy didn't even realize the irony of his action-Angie was in fact the one who had bought it for him. He wiped the hair and blood off the corner and released a sigh of frustration. "Mother will probably ground me from the television," he considered, looking to the mess he had made.

"Damn her. Damn them all. Why did she have to hurt Peg? Why?" Balefully, he kicked the corpse beside him. Her glazed eyes stared back at him with empty fascination. "You bitch. You killed Peg."

His sister's dead look gave no response. (He wondered why.) Her face looked so shadowed. He lifted her head up by her clotted hair and saw that it was dried blood on her cheek that created the mock shadow. He saw, too, that the dent in her skull had stopped gushing; the coagulated blood had formed a gelatinous plug.

Mother would be home soon. He would have to dig a grave.